3D Level Design Demo - Source SDK Base

Level designing is a way for me to unwind. Photography can help me relax too, but not as much as the unrestricted and limitless (within the confines of the engine of course) possibilities of 3D design. I have played around with many different engines, new and old, but I always come back to Source because it is what some of my favorite games were made on so there is a nostalgia or familiarity associated with this engine.

These are a collection of works I have made over the years for a game called Garry’s Mod. The maps are shown in chronological order and I have grown a lot since the first map I released. I’m always poking and prodding at this engine to see what I can get away with while not going over budget. It’s always a thrill to come up with an idea and chip away at it over weeks and weeks. Then, I release it for other players to enjoy. It’s such a big accomplishment to see it being appreciated by the community. If you have the game you can download them and check them out on my Steam Workshop.

Thank you to Randal Bravery for the use of "Beat Exercises - Q4 2015".